Youri Soroka

Youri Soroka - classical guitar


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France - Orléat

2021 - n°43

65 cm


Indian Rosewood

Spanish cedar - width : 52 mm


Body length : 485 mm - Body width :

275/235/365 mm - Body depth : 92/100 mm

1 440 g

2,5/3,5 mm






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Youri Soroka is a young French-Ukrainian guitar maker living in Auvergne. His instruments get better and better with the passing of time. Thanks to his reading and historical research, he’s returned to the beginnings of the Spanish tradition and now draws inspiration from Antonio de Torres. The result is aesthetically successful and demonstrates remarkable craftsmanship. Youri only uses hot glue, and the bridge is glued before varnishing in order to adjust the thinness of the top. The tone woods used are the very finest, and this guitar boasts a gorgeous three-part back in beautiful Indian rosewood.


Soundwise, this instrument has an expressive timbre and great musical presence, with deep basses and vibrant, colourful trebles rich in harmonics. These characteristics combine to produce a soulful and lyrical musicality.

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