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46 rue Ney 

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About us

La Galerie des Luthiers is specialized in classical guitars and nylon string instruments.

We wish to offer you a wide selection of high quality classical guitars to choose from, so that you can make comparisons between them, better understand their differences and what is special about each.

We would like La Galerie des luthiers to be a place where meetings of souls or at least personalities (yours and your instrument’s) can take place — where you can find the guitar that will be right for you and your style of playing.

We simply love classical guitars and would like La Galerie des luthiers to create a connection between guitar players and guitar makers.

Besides selling instruments, we also regularly organise classical guitar and ancient instrument concerts, and ask luthiers to give talks about their personal approach to their craft.

How to access to Galerie des Luthiers


Galerie des Luthiers is located in the 6th arrondissement of Lyon near to the Gare des Brotteaux. 



Subway : 

Station Brotteaux (ligne B) or Masséna (ligne A)


Car :

Parking des Brotteaux

46 rue Ney - 69006 Lyon


+33 (0) 9 86 44 22 27

+33 (0) 6 32 23 70 21

 +33 7 62 80 67 02


Galerie des Luthiers is opened by appointment