Walter Verreydt - Enrique Garcia

Walter Verreydt - classical guitar


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Belgium - Kessel


65 cm



Ebony - 52 mm

Body length : 470 mm - Body width : 270/230/345 mm - Body depth : 92/97 mm

1 358 g

2,5/3,5 mm

Very good






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Walter Verreydt was born in Lierre (Belgium) in 1958. After his studies, he became a teacher of carpentry and technical drawing. His love of music comes from his family, which includes many musicians. This affinity plus his skills in woodworking will lead him to lutherie: in 1985, Walter builds his first classical guitar. He will study the work of historical luthiers: Bouchet, Fleta, Hernandez-Aguado and others. He benefits from the advice of José Romanillos and Daniel Friederich. At the beginning of the 90's he met Rolf Eichinger, with whom he deepened his knowledge of the Spanish tradition. In 1999, Walter Verreydt was laureate of the "4th Mostra Concorso Internazionale di Chitarra Classica" in Baveno (It). Since 1988, Walter Verreydt has been teaching at the "Centrum voor Muziekinstrumentenbouw" in Puurs, Belgium. (see article Orfeo Magazine)


This superb Enrique Garcia copy shows how Walter Verreydt was able to assimilate, understand and reproduce, thanks to his know-how, this important moment of the Spanish tradition: the sound is warm and clear, the bass is round, the midrange powerful, with a clarity and a long sustain in the treble. The notes are reactive and vibrant with a wide variety of sound colors. The woods are of the best choice and the lutherie work is remarkably well done. A wonderful instrument.


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