Vicente Arias

Vicente Arias - classical guitar


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Year : 

Scale length : 

Top : 

Back / Sides : 

Fingerboard :

Dimensions : 


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Spain - Madrid


643 mm



Rosewood - Width :  50 mm

Body length : 450 mm - Body width :

240 /205/325 mm - Body depth : 85/90 mm

812  g

3/3,5 mm

Good : the overall condition is great for such an antique guitar. There are the few repaired cracks on the top, the back. The guitar is now perfectly stable, set up and very easy to play.




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Vicente Arias was born in the Alcázar de San Juan, Ciudad Real in 1833. He started making guitars around 1860 and carried on until his death in 1914. Throughout that time he received many awards all over the world (v. the medals displayed on his label). Arias was the only 19th century luthier whose instruments rivaled those of Torres for their tone and aesthetic qualities and famous guitarists such as Francisco Tárrega played his guitars. He transferred his workshop several times: in 1905 (the year of construction of this guitar) he relocated to calle Santa Isabel n°20.


This instrument (weighing only 812g!) has an amazingly beautiful tone, and a stirring, warm, soft voice. Its notes are vibrant and deeply expressive. The projection is astonishing considering its small size.



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