Tino Battiston

Pierre Alexandre Bellest - classical guitar


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France - Bouzonville

2018 (060/082)

65 cm


Madagascar rosewood

Sipo Mahagony


Ebony - Width : 51 mm

Body length : 485 mm - Body width :

275 /240/360 mm - Body depth : 100/108 mm

2060  g

3/4 mm



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Based in Bouzonville near Metz (north-eastern France), Tino Battiston first trained as a cabinet-maker, and was then apprenticed to Master luthier Kazuo Sato, whose teaching didn’t consist in making the younger man duplicate his guitars but in helping him find his own way.



On the one hand, its dense back and sides, its arched back give this guitar a sturdy, down-to-earth structure and character. On the other hand, its light and vibrating top faces heaven and hankers for heavenliness. The same harmony is to be found in its modern and minimalist aesthetics.


Soundwise, the guitar is powerful and projective; it produces a round, full, generous, well-balanced sound with coloured, well-separated notes that sing and fill the space.


Playing can easily be modulated thanks to the instrument's reactive, supple and dynamic response.


This flexibility and a well-drawn neck make it both pleasant and easy to play.


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