Telesforo Julve

Jan Tulacek - classical guitar
Country : Spain - Valencia
Year : c.1920
Scale length : 647 mm
Top : Spruce
Back & side Cypress
Fingerboard : Rosewood - 49,5 mm
Body length : 460 mm
Body width : 255/210/335 mm
Body depth 80/88 mm
Weight : 1 262 g
Action : 2,8/3,2
Condition : Very good
Price :

1 600 euros




Telesforo Bavel Julve Jordán (1884-1945) was born in Villarroya de los Pinares, in the province of Teruel north of Valencia. His parents were weavers, but his uncle Andrés Marín (trained by Salvador Ibáñez) was a guitar maker, so at the age of 14, he was sent to apprentice with his uncle. He worked there until 1909, when he started his own workshop. The company became an important manufacturer of guitars. In 1933, he bought the company that Salvador Ibáñez had left to his sons. When he died in 1945, his sons Telesforo and Juan took over and continued the business until 1974.


This guitar was probably built around the 20's, the hexagonal label indicates the address of the workshop at "Arzobispo Mayoral, 13". This is a small-sized instrument. We find the woody and silky tone of the instruments of that time. The bass is round and the treble is clear, vibrant and expressive.


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