Sergio Pérez - model Segovia

Teodoro Perez - classical guitar
Country :

Espagne - Madrid

Year : 2019 (N°79)
Scale lenght : 650 mm
Top : Cedar
Back & side Indian rosewood
Neck : Spanish cedar - width : 52 mm
Fingerboard : Ebony 
Body length : 485 mm
Body width : 290/245/370 mm
Body depth : 99/103 mm
Weight : 1 690 g
Action : 2,9/3,6 mm
Condition : New
Price :  



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Sergio Pérez was trained by his father, Teodoro éerez, who worked for 25 years at Ramirez before creating his own workshop. He started making guitars at the age of 18, after a 14-year apprenticeship he started making his own guitars. They now work together, in the same workshop, alongside his sister Beatriz and his brother-in-law Marco Tejada.


"Segovia" (the name of the guitar) does not refer to the guitarist, but to the city north of Madrid.


Woods are the best choice. The construction and finishes are very well done. It is a guitar in the pure Madrid tradition, powerful, rich in harmonics, deep bass, full and expressive trebles. Reactive and a well curved neck, it is a powerful instrument, easy and pleasant to play.


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