Salvador Ibañez

Hakusui Imai 1981- classical guitar
Country : Spain - Valencia
 Year : c.1920
Scale length : 647 mm
Top : Spruce
Back & side Walnut
Fingerboard : Rosewood - 49 mm
Body length : 470 mm
Body width : 265/225/345 mm
Body depth : 85/95 mm
Weight : 1 372 g
Action : 3/3,4 mm
Condition : Good
Price : Sold


Salvador Ibáñez was born in Valencia in 1854 and he opened his workshop there in 1883. This model calls to mind his early guitars, built in his small workshop at Ruzafa 8, but as shown by the rather tattered label, this particular guitar was in fact built in the workshop located in Bajada de San Francisco 23, where he had relocated in 1897. Salvador Ibáñez was one of the great figures in Spanish guitar making at the time. He was the first to operate a large company (about a hundred people worked for him around 1900). It is probably no coincidence that to this day most Spanish guitar makers are to be found in the Valencia area. Andrés Marín and Salvador Gaspar García were among the luthiers trained by Salvador Ibáñez. Between 1915 and 1920 he worked with his two sons Vicente and Salvador. After his death in 1920 his sons succeeded him until 1933 when Telesforo Julve took over the workshop.


This instrument has the typical decorations of the guitars of this luthier. The label mentioning "Salvador Ibáñez e Hijos" shows that it was built between 1915 and 1920. The sound is woody, deep and silky, the notes are vibrant with that expressiveness and sensitivity that make the charm of Spanish guitars of that time.



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