Rodolfo Camacho / Guillermo Aguer

A Burguet - 10 strings - classical guitar
Country :

Buenos Aires - Argentina

Year : 1955 (No 1316)
Scale lenght : 65 cm
Top : Spruce
Back & side Brazilian rosewood (with Cites document)
Neck : Spanish cedar
Fingerboard : Ebony - 50 mm
Body length : 475 mm
Body width : 270/225/355 mm
Body depth : 91/92 mm
Weight : 1 460 g
Action : 2,9/3,5 mm
Condition : Very good : completely restaured by Guillermo Aguer
Price : Sold



Son of an Andalusian luthier, Rodolfo Camacho Viera was born in 1887 in Montevideo, Uruguay, and made his career in Buenos Aires. His guitar labels proudly quote Segovia's words: "Considero the guitarra that m'ha hecho el Sr. Camacho Viera el mejor instrumento de cuantos han pasado en mis manos.” (I consider the guitar which Sr. Camacho Viera has made for me, the best instrument of all which went through my hands).


The guitar has been superbly restored by the Argentine luthier Guillermo Aguer, he has managed to give it back, thanks to his skills, the charm of the original instrument; his label, stuck next to Camacho's, deserves this place and shows that Guillermo is a young luthier in the tradition and at the height of this heritage. The notes are clear, silky, lush and vibrant. The tone is breathtakingly beautiful, deep and lyrically expressive.


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