Rodolfo Camacho Viera

Rodolfo Camacho - classical guitar


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Scale length : 

Top : 

Back / Sides : 

Neck :

Fingerboard :

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Argentina - Buenos Aires


638 mm



Spanish cedar

Ebony - 49 mm

Body length : 480 mm - Body width : 280/240/360 mm - Body depth : 89/100 mm

1 452 g

3/3,5 mm

Good : stabilized restorations on the side (photos on request) - all is original (just the frets are new). No intervention necessary: good sound performance and good playability


4 900 euros




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Son of an Andalusian luthier, Rodolfo Camacho Viera was born in 1887 in Montevideo, Uruguay. He moved to Buenos Aires in 1904. This guitar dates from 1934. It is a powerful instrument, remarkable sound qualities and an expressivity full of charm. These reasons explain the esteem for this luthier expressed by the greatest guitarists of the time (Segovia, Barrios - see article D. Prat below). Camacho Viera continued to print on his labels the compliments written by Segovia in 1928.


Excerpt from the article on Camacho Viera in Domingo Prat's dictionary: CAMACHO VIERA, Rodolfo - Eminent Uruguayan luthier. Born in Montevideo on March 10, 1887. Son of an Andalusian guitar maker who had settled in the Canary Islands, and later in the Uruguayan capital where his son Rodolfo was born, the latter will settle in Buenos Aires in 1904. (...) Segovia, an immense artist and unique guitarist, said in 1928: "In the instrument that has been kind enough to bring me, I have seen not only the care taken by those who know that aesthetic appearance captivates, but also the careful observation of the sonorous spirit of the instrument. In this way he attained qualities that will soon place him at the head of some of the greatest names in the world". In the same year, the eminent Paraguayan guitarist Agustín P. Barrios, said of this luthier that he "... managed to live up to the most distinguished guitar builders of the time...". It should be remembered that his instruments were awarded the gold medal in 1924 in Rome and Barcelona, and in Buenos Aires at the 1928 Municipal Exhibition (...)



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