Renan Aouam

Pierre Abondance - classical guitar
Country :

France - Niort

Year : 2024
Scale lenght : 65 cm
Top : Spruce
Back & side Indian rosewood
Fingerboard : Width : 52 mm
Neck : Ebony
Body length : 485 mm
Body width : 285 /240/370 mm
Body depth : 91/96 mm
Weight : 1 735  g
Action : 3/4 mm
Condition : New
Price : 8 400 euros




Renan Aouam was born in 1986. He took an interest in music from an early age and learned to play the piano. Later, at the age of 14, he discovered woodworking during an internship with a cabinetmaker restoring antique furniture. He built his first guitars as a self-taught student before entering a lutherie school in Madrid. He opened his first workshop in 2018 in Pamplona. His first contact with Jean-Noël Rohé inspires him to completely rethink his approach to construction. He returns to France in 2021, where he has a second decisive encounter with Jean-Pierre Mazé, a pupil and close friend of Robert Bouchet. Mazé shared with Renan the knowledge he had acquired from Bouchet, as well as the experience he had acquired over the years. Today, Renan Aouam's work is in line with this French tradition.


The guitar on display shows the young luthier's know-how: the aesthetics are sober and refined, and the craftmanship is well done. The sound is powerful and homogeneous. Notes are clear, vibrant and rich in harmonics with a polyphony well defined. The timbre is warm and expressive. A fine guitar to discover for those unfamiliar with the work of this young luthier.

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