Paolo Coriani "La Leona"

Paolo Coriani - classical guitar


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Italy - Modena


65 cm



Spanish cedar - 50 mm


Body length : 465 mm - Body width : 268/233/340 mm - Body depth : 90/95 mm

1 194 g

2,2/3,2 mm

Very good


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Paolo Coriani began his career with a five-year apprenticeship (1975-1980) at the Massetti workshop in Modena (a workshop created by the two brothers Primo and Romolo Massetti in 1922). In 1984 Paolo Coriani opened his own workshop where he built guitars and hurdy-gurdies (one of these earned him a third prize at the Bagnacavallo Young Luthiers Competition. Besides acquiring traditional Spanish guitar-making techniques, he became interested in the most advanced and innovative instrument building methods of the time. (Friederich, Schneider/Kasha, Kohno...). During his frequent trips to Paris he made friends with Christian Aubin and the discovery of Aubin's Torres 1867 - FE23 (restored by Bouchet who removed the tornavoz) was a decisive influence on his own work.


The modern classical (or Spanish tradition) guitar appeared in the middle of the 19th century in Andalusia. It is the fruit of a collaboration between a luthier: Antonio de Torres and a guitarist: Julian Arcas. Both were born in Almeria and were friends. La Leona" (FE 04) is the fourth guitar built in 1856 by Antonio de Torres for Julian Arcas, he will make discover this instrument during his concerts in Spain and throughout Europe, including the one in Castellon in 1862 where he met his future pupil Francisco Tarrega.


Paolo Coriani knows the ancient instruments well, he had the opportunity to study the original guitar which is played today by Wulfin Lieske. Like the original it is built with a brass Tornavoz that does not go all the way to the back of the guitar. He also reproduced the shape of the original bridge. Also the back (in three parts) and the sides are made of lightly stained cypress. Paolo Coriani succeeded in restoring this so particular timbre, the basses are round and deep and the trebles are soft, woody and vibrant, the whole giving that deep and moving singing that made the identity of this new instrument. (see article in Orfeo Magazine n° 6)

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