Otto Vowinkel

Otto Vowinkel - classical guitar


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Holland - Amsterdam


65 cm

Spruce (bearclaw)

Maple (flamed)

Spanish cedar

Ebony - 52 mm

Body length : 475 mm - Body width : 270/230/360 mm - Body depth : 94/98 mm

1 541 g

3/4 mm





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Otto Vowinkel was born in Amsterdam into a family of tailors. At the age of 19 he moved to Mallorca, Spain, where he worked in a bar for two years. Back in the Netherlands he opened his own bar and restaurant. During this period he started to play classical guitar and his teacher also showed him how to tune and repair guitars. This is how Otto Vowinkel discovered what would become a passion and a calling to such an extent that in 1984 he sold his bar to buy tonewoods, tools and Sloane’s book, Classical Guitar Construction. He he started making guitars by himself, using a billiard table as a workbench. Over time, with each new guitar he made, he demonstrated his talent as a luthier.


Otto Vowinkel's instruments are just as unique and out of the common run as his early career. This is certainly the case for the guitar we are privileged to offer. The craftsmanship and the aesthetics are superb. The central part of the rosette refers to the Amsterdam flag and the headpiece alludes to the roof shape of the building that houses his workshop. The snakewood purfling brings out the colour of the spruce and flamed maple. Soundwise it is a very responsive and well-balanced guitar. Its timbre and expressiveness, along with its richness and lyricism, give it a strong and singular character. This is a gorgeous guitar, not only to look at but also to play and listen to.


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