Oren Myers

Oren Myers - classical guitar
Country : England - Oxfordshire
 Year : 2018
Scale length : 647 mm
Top : Cedar
Back & side : Indian rosewood
Fingerboard : Ebony - 52,8 mm
Body length : 485 mm
Body width : 275/240/365 mm
Body depth :

87/100 mm

Weight : 1 424 g
Action : 2,6/3,5 mm
Condition : Good
Price : 6 500 euros



« Music and the guitar have been a very important part of my life since I started playing the classical guitar at the age of thirteen. It has been through this experience of the instrument that my ideas about the guitar have developed. I studied English Literature at university, but after completing these studies I decided that I would teach myself to make guitars. I made my first instrument in the garage at home - a cold, but invaluable, experience - before moving to my current workshop near Goring-on-Thames, in Oxfordshire. From the outset I have been greatly indebted to the help and advice of Christopher Dean, with whom I made contact before starting to make guitars, and who has been instrumental in my development. In the summer of 2007, I attended the guitar-making course run by José and Liam Romanillos in Sigenza, Spain, and learnt a great deal from their method of construction and ideas about sound, and about the selection of high-quality wood. » (Source : Myers’s website)


This beautiful Oren Myers' guitar was built in 2018. The aesthetics are refined and the lutherie is of excellent workmanship. The sound qualities are remarkable: the notes are clear, flexible and colored with a timbre of great and beautiful expressive richness.


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