Oren Myers

Oren Myers - classical guitar



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England (Oxfordshire)


645 mm


Indian rosewood

Spanish cedar

Ebony - width : 51 mm

Scheller with snakewood buttons

Body length : 480 mm - Body width : 275/235/360 mm - Body depth : 88/99 mm

1 503 g


Very good




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The guitar seen on this video is the same as the one we present.

« Music and the guitar have been a very important part of my life since I started playing the classical guitar at the age of thirteen. It has been through this experience of the instrument that my ideas about the guitar have developed. I studied English Literature at university, but after completing these studies I decided that I would teach myself to make guitars. I made my first instrument in the garage at home - a cold, but invaluable, experience - before moving to my current workshop near Goring-on-Thames, in Oxfordshire. From the outset I have been greatly indebted to the help and advice of Christopher Dean, with whom I made contact before starting to make guitars, and who has been instrumental in my development. In the summer of 2007, I attended the guitar-making course run by José and Liam Romanillos in Sigenza, Spain, and learnt a great deal from their method of construction and ideas about sound, and about the selection of high-quality wood. » (Source : Myers’s website)


This beatiful Oren Myers guitar was built in 2016. The aesthetics are refined and the lutherie is of excellent workmanship. The sound qualities are remarkable: the guitar is deep, well balanced, the notes are clear, flexible, with a timbre of great and beautiful expressive richness. Very traditionally built, Myers guitars have proved very popular among professional players in recent times, with the likes of Gerald García, Laura Young, Daniela Rossi, Torrin Williams and Marcin Dylla playing his instruments

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