Olivier Fanton D'Andon

Olivier Fanton d'Andon- classical guitar


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Year : 

Scale : 

Top : 

Back / Sides : 

Neck :

Fingerboard : 

Tuners :

Dimensions : 


Weight : 

String height :

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France - Montigny-le-Gannelon


650 mm


Indian rosewood

Spanish cedar - width : 52 mm



Body length : 496 mm - Body width : 290/240/370 mm - Body depth : 95 mm

1 830 g

3/4 mm






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For years Olivier Fanton d'Andon has been one of the most acclaimed French luthiers.


When his guitars are mentioned, the phrase that most often crops up is: “utmost excellence”.


Excellence is indeed the first thing that comes to mind when holding one of his guitars. Their aesthetics, the quality of the tone woods and finishes are all evidence of his concern for harmony and excellence.


This guitar’s sound is perfectly balanced; it has deep basses and its notes are dense, colourful and rich.


In the very fine article dedicated to Olivier Fanton d'Andon in the n.7 issue of Orfeo Magazine, they call him “a unique luthier”. We are particularly happy to display this splendid instrument. For those guitarists who don’t yet know him, this is a good opportunity to discover the work of this “unique luthier”.












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