Marco Maguolo, Ducale

Marco Maguolo - classical guitar


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Back / Sides : 

Neck :

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Italia - Venezia


650 mm


Malaysian rosewood

Spanish cedar

Ebony - width : 52 mm

Body length : 480 mm - Body width : 275/240/365 mm - Body depth : 90/94 mm

1 612 g






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The lutherie work and aesthetics of this guitar by Venetian luthier Marco Maguolo are of remarkable elegance and quality. Soundwise, this guitar combines powerful of a concert instrument with great timbre beauty, deep bass and dense and expressive treble.


Here is what Marco Maguolo says about this model :  « The Ducale is both the result of a project that I have always been working on (La Concerto) and an homage to my town and country, Venice and Italy. The colonnade of Palazzo Ducale in Venice gave me the inspiration for the rosette, while the hues of the purfling remind of our flag.


The philosophy behind this project is building a strong and light architecture of neck-sides-back as a support for a light and responsive soundboard. The idea is to have a reactive, versatile instrument like a contemporary guitar but with a woody changeable

warm and silky sound. The design for the bracing is original. »


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