Marco Maguolo - Ducale Historica

Marco Maguolo - classical guitar


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Italy - Venezia


650 mm


Indian Rosewood

Spanish cedar - width : 52 mm



Body length : 475 mm - Body width :

270/235/355 mm - Body depth : 88/95 mm

1 487 g

3/4 mm



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This is a wonderful guitar, model "Ducale Historica", signed by the Venetian luthier Marco Maguolo, inspired by the Torres SE114 which was the last Francisco Tarrega's Torres guitar. The luthier's work and aesthetics are of remarkable quality and elegance. The nets and the magnificent rosette are a tribute to Venice and Italy: the motif of the rosette is inspired by the colonnades of the Palazzo Ducale in Venice. The nets are in the colours of the Italian flag.


Soundwise, this guitar is impressively beautiful, a homogeneous, vibrant instrument with a very responsive response, a woody changeable warm and silky timbre changing woody tone, deep basses, dense, colourful and expressive treble.


Here is what Marco says about this model: « The DUCALE HISTORICA is based on the Torres SE 114 model made in 1888. This is a smooth and deep instrument with the typical characteristics of the historical tradition. The measures and thicknesses are the same of the original Torres’s guitar (with small variations depending on the type of wood used). I only let to myself the freedom to use my own rosette and purfling. »



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