Marco Bortolozzo - Torres FE09

Marco Bortolozzo - classical guitar


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Italie - Portogruaro / Venise area

2017 - No 57

650 mm


Maple bird'eyes

Cédro, largeur : 50 mm


Nicolo Alessi

Body length : 470 mm - body width : 270/235/355 mm - body depth : 85/90 mm

1 206 g

2,5/3,5 mm



Sold, see Marco Bortolozzo, Torres 2018


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When you have this Marco Bortolozzo guitar in your hands, before playing it, you start by watching it, watching it for a long time, from every angle, in every details, so much this guitar is beautiful.


It is a replicate of the Torres FE09, one of the first guitars of Antonio de Torres (1859 - FE), also called "model Llobet": Miguel Llobet had one that can now be seen at the museum of music in Barcelona .


The bird's eye maple, the rosette made with cypress, maple, mahogany and other species, the grain of the table, the nets, everything is perfect, refined and elegant. 


The sound is up to the aesthetic. The basses are deep and percussive, the treble is powerful, expressive and unctuous. The setting makes it comfortable to play, and yet the guitar remains very responsive.


We are surprised by the sound power of such a small and light guitar. Its lightness, linked to the very thin thickness of the wood, makes it a very vibrating guitar, even the handle seems to resonate and vibrate as well.


* This video was realized with the previous 2016 Marco Bortolozzo N°51

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