Marcelo Barbero (hijo)

Marcelo Barbero - classical guitar
Country : Spain - Madrid
 Year : 1987
Scale lenght : 656 mm
Top : Cedar
Back & side : Indian rosewood
Fingerboard : Ebony - 53,5 mm
Body lenght : 488 mm
Body width : 280/245/370 mm
Body depth :

90/100 mm

Weight : 1 512 g
Action : 2,1/2,5 mm
Condition : Excellent
Price : Sold


This is a gorgeous guitar built by Marcelo Barbero Jr. in the workshop of Arcángel Fernández. When Santos Hernández died, his widow asked Marcelo Barbero Sr. to carry through the construction of the guitars her husband had left unfinished. Marcelo Barbero Sr. later trained Arcángel Fernández. And when Marcelo Barbero Sr. died in his turn, his widow asked Arcángel Fernández to train her son, Marcelo Barbero Jr. These three great luthiers, who remained true to the legacy of Santos Hernández, are among the major figures in the art of Spanish guitar making.


This guitar, made in 1987, is in mint condition. Arcángel Fernández’ influence is obvious in every particular. The craftsmanship is meticulous with very neat finishes. As for its sound qualities, they are incredible : the tone is both deep and singing, the notes are rich in harmonics, vibrant and expressive. In addition, its low setting and reactivity make it easy and pleasant to play. An outstanding instrument in every respect.

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