Marcelino López Nieto

Marcelino López Nieto - classical guitar


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Spain - Madrid


658 mm


Idian rosewood

Spanish cedar - width : 52 mm


Body length : 485 mm - Body width : 280/243/370 mm - Body depth : 96/100 mm

1 542 g

3/4 mm



4 700 euros including hard case


Conditions of sale et shipping...

In 1949, at the age of 18, Marcelino López Nieto opened his first workshop in Madrid.


Because of his exceptional career, this luthier is one of the few whose name already belongs to the great history of the Spanish guitar while he is still active (at nearly 80).


This guitar (No 573) was made in 1970, a period which is said to be among his best.


A “flipo” (/reinforcement?) has been placed behind the bridge. The tuning machines have been replaced (hence the low price of this guitar in comparison with that of others made in the same period)


Its notes are well balanced, round and singing. Its musicality, very sweet and beautifully expressive, is the mark of this luthier’s faithfulness to his Madrilenian heritage (Vicente Arias, Santos Hernandez, and above all Hernandez y Aguado, to whom the headstock alludes).

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