Manuel Rodriguez Sr

Manuel Rodriguez - classical guitar


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USA - Los Angeles


65 cm



Spanish cedar - width : 51 mm


Body length : 490 mm - Body width : 280/245/375 mm - Body depth : 97 mm

1 476 g

3/3,5 mm



 5 000 euros  with hard case


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Manuel Rodríguez Sr (1926-2008) learned his craft from his father, who was a flamenco and classical guitar maker . In 1939, he began working for Jose Ramirez II. In 1955, he opened his own workshop in Madrid. in 1959, he decided to move to Los Angeles and opened a workshop at 10400 Wilshire Boulevard. While there, he conducted research with UCLA engineers so as to improve bracing design. In 1973 he moved back to Madrid and later opened a guitar factory in Toledo.


This guitar has a powerful and responsive sound, with brilliant trebles and deep, round basses. Its neck is very slim, which makes it pleasant to play (and particularly suitable for a guitarist with small hands). Depending on the setting, it can be used either as a flamenco or a classical guitar. Some cracks have been repaired. The sound of this guitar is powerful and responsive, with brilliant trebles round and deep basses. The neck is very slim, perfect for anyone with a small hand. Depending the setting it can be used in flamenco guitar and classical. Some cracks which has been restored.


This is an excellent traditional Spanish guitar with high quality sound and workmanship. 

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