Luigi Locatto - Simplicio copy

Luigi Locatto - classical guitar



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Italy - Pino Torinese


65 cm


Indian Rosewood

Spanish cedar - width : 51 mm



Body length : 470 mm - Body width : 280/245/360 mm - Body depth : 97/106 mm

1 561 g

2,5/3,5 mm



on request


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Luigi Locatto has been settled in Piedmont, near Turin, in Pino Torinese for about thirty years. He is one of today's great Italian luthiers, like most of them he has built his know-how and his thinking on the restoration of historical instruments: Panormo, Lacôte, Torres, Garcia, Hauser, Fleta... If among these historical luthiers there is one that Luigi Locatto knows and understands well, it is Francisco Simplicio.


Aesthetically, this instrument is breathtakingly beautiful, everything is the result of meticulous, precise and refined work, the woods used are superb. Soundwise, one can imagine all the experience and understanding required to achieve such a high quality sound. A responsive, dynamic, colourful instrument. The timbre is very expressive, deep and grave. Not only the aesthetics, but also the spirit of Simplicio is there, with it all the charm and emotion of its musicality. This cultural heritage, he possesses, understands and claims it when he says: "if you make me listen to a sound that is not in my culture I do not understand it". (see article Orfeo n°6)


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