Luigi Locatto - Simplicio copy

Luigi Locatto - classical guitar


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Italy - Pino Torinese


645 cm



Spanish cedar - width : 50 mm



Body length : 470 mm - Body width : 280/240/360 mm - Body depth : 94/100 mm

1 490 g

3/4 mm





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Luigi Locatto has been settled for about thirty years in the Piemont region, near Turin, at Pino Torinese. He is one of the best Italian luthiers of today. As most of his fellow luthiers, he has acquired his know-how and his convictions through restoration work on historical instruments (Panormo, Manuel Ramirez, Enrique Garcia …).


This guitar is a copy of a satinwood Simplicio from 1929 (No. 241) which Luigi has seen and inspected many times.


Aesthetically, this is a guitar of breathtaking beauty. Each detail (the rosette, the purflings, etc.) is the result of meticulous, precise and refined work. The spruce of the table and the satinwood of the back and sides are gorgeous.


As for its sound, one can only imagine the amount of experience and knowledge needed to achieve such quality. This is a reactive and dynamic instrument, rich in colours and greatly expressive. The timbre is very eloquent, serious and deep.


This guitar has retained the spirit of Simplicio, with all the charm and emotion of his musicality.


Luigi Locatto claims this cultural affinity when he says: "If you get me to listen to a sound that is alien to my culture, beyond my understanding, then it will probably won't move me" (Orfeo n ° 6).



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