Kazuo Sato - Special

Kazuo Sato - classical guitar


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Germany - Saarlouis


65 cm


Madagascar Rosewood

Spanish cedar - width : 52 mm


Nicolo Alessi

Body length : 485 mm - Body width : 280/245/365 mm - Body depth : 93/99 mm

1 573 g

3/4 mm





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Kazuo Sato was born in Tokyo. In 1946, he began studying lutherie in 1965 with luthier Kuniharu Nobe. He moved to England in 1971 where he built guitars in the David Rubio workshop, stamping his initials "KS" on the internal heel above the label. In 1974 he set up his own workshop in Hekelgem (Belgium), before moving to Saarlouis (Germany) in 1976 where he's remained to this day.


The « Special » is Sato’s high-end concert model. Aesthetically, this is a very handsome and elegant guitar, with its beautiful rosette mosaic in a tulip design. This guitar was made with a selection of the very best woods and it is highly refined in every respect.


It is a powerful instrument but its lyrical charm and an outstanding timbre quality are the main thing. The incredible richness of the sound palette is what makes the instruments of this prestigious luthier so unique. With its round and dense basses, its flexible, reactive, colourful and expressive notes, the Special's poetic musicality is stunningly deployed in space.


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