Juan Miguel Gonzáles

Juan Miguel Gonzales  - classical guitar


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Year : 

Scale length : 

Top : 

Back / Sides : 

Neck :

Dimensions : 


Weight : 

Action :

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Spain - Almeria


65 cm


Madagascar rosewood

Spanish cedar - width : 52 mm

Body length : 480 mm - Body width :

285/250/370 mm - Body depth : 93/98 mm

1 730 g

2/3 mm






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Juan Miguel González Morales was born in Almería on January 17, 1947. He began his apprenticeship in 1960 with his father, Miguel González Abad, he was also advised and helped by Gerundino Fernández when he began making his first instruments.


Juan Miguel Gonzalez is widely recognized as one of the leading flamenco guitar builders living today. Great names in flamenco play on these guitars such as Tomatito, Norberto Torres, Monolo Franco, Carlos Piñana and El Niño de la Manola. 


His work is constantly evolving, he produces few instruments per year and his waiting list is growing over the years. Its international reputation is due to the fact that its guitars have special and typically Andalusian sound qualities that are highly sought-after and appreciated by flamenco players.



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