Joshia de Jonge

Joshia de Jonge  - classical guitar
Country : Canada - Ottawa
Year :  2021 - N°105
Scale length : 65 cm
Top : Double top nomex spruce / cedar
Back & side African blackwood
Fingerboard : Ebony - 52mm
Tuners : Rodgers
Body length : 485 mm
Body width : 282/235/372 mm
Body depth 90/ 105 mm
Weight : 1 878g
Action : 2,9/3,8 mm
Condition : New
Price : Sold


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To understand who Joshia de Jonge is, you only have to read the first few lines of her biography on her website: "Growing up in a family of guitar makers it was not unusual for us to have dinner-table debates about Sitka versus Englemann, Indian Rosewood versus Brazilian. My brothers and I strived to out-do each other and meet the high standards of our father, Sergei de Jonge. I was thirteen when I built my first guitar in 1992 (...)".

Joshia de Jonge began her apprenticeship with her father Sergei, so you could say she was born and raised in the world of lutherie. In 1998, at the age of 19, the guitar she presented at the Guild of American Luthiers Convention received a standing ovation from her peers.

This guitar (her top-of-the-line model) bears the mark of this precocious talent: the craftsmanship is first-rate, and the aesthetics stylish — everything is refined and elegant, from the pattern and fineness of the rosette, the purfling, to the sound hole in the side and its cover, both delicately crafted, and the superb Rodgers tuners. The construction is a modern one: double spruce/cedar top with nomex, raised fingerboard... with more traditional elements like the use of a Tornavoz (the internal resonance of the body is around F#). In terms of sound, this modern approach is evident in its amazing power and impressive performance (homogeneity, powerful trebles, sustain etc.).  However, this modernity is associated with an expressive and deep musicality: the tone is rich in harmonics and of great amplitude; the notes are soft, mellow, vibrant, colourful, and flexible. We heartily invite you to come and discover this stunning and remarkable concert guitar.

(see the article on Joshia de Jonge in Orfeo Magazine)

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