José Ramirez 1916

José Ramirez - classical guitar
Country : Spain - Madrid
Year : 1916
Scale length : 65 cm
Top : Spruce
Back & side Pear wood
Fingerboard : Ebony - 49mm
Body length : 470 mm
Body width : 265/230/350 mm
Body depth 78 / 85 mm
Weight : 1 110 g
Action : 2,4/3,2 mm
Condition : Very good
Price : 6 500 euros


José Ramírez I is the founder of the Ramírez dynasty that continues to this day. He was born in Madrid in 1858 and at the age of 12 he entered the workshop of his master Francisco González (1820-1880) as an apprentice. Around 1880, he opened his own workshop near to the Rastro and in 1890 he moved to Concepcion Jerónimo Street, an address that has become mythical and still represents one of the high points of traditional Spanish guitar making. Himself an excellent guitarist, he adopted a model that would last for several decades. As they will continue to do later, he surrounds himself with apprentices that he will train and that will become later on prestigious names such as Enrique Garcia, his brother Manuel Ramirez, Julian Gomez Ramirez, his son José Ramírez II...


The magnificent guitar presented here has been well preserved, it has indeed remained in perfect condition. The quality of the work of lutherie is remarkable and the aesthetic is superb with the wide rosette with pearly motives, pearls which we find on the bridge, finely engraved mechanics, all was made with care, elegance and delicacy. The back and the sides are made of pear wood. The same elegance and delicacy can be found on the sound level. The notes are long and vibrant with a soft timbre and an incredible lyricism. A gorgeous instrument as much for what it represents historically as for its sound qualities.


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