Jan Tuláček, Stauffer "Legnani model"

Jan Tulacek- classical guitar


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Czech Republic (Dobris)


64 cm


One piece Maple

Ebony - 47 mm


Body length : 440 mm - Body width : 240/170/295 mm - Body depth : 73/80mm

1 015 g





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Thanks to the quality of his work, Jan Tuláček has acquired a solid international reputation. He is based in Dobris in the Czech Republic (Central Bohemia south of Prague). Here is what we can read about him on his website : "I started building guitars professionally in 2005 and at that time I was just ending my studies of classical guitar (Academy of Performing Arts in Prague). My main interest is creating close copies or replicas of good original guitars from the 19th century (so called romantic or Biedermeier guitars) for contemporary players. I study old original guitars in private collections and museums, work on repairs of period guitars and I enjoy the tradional hand tool style of work. To this date (2017) I've made over 100 guitars for guitarists and institutions - music conservatories and academies."


This guitar we offer is a 64 cm Stauffer "Legnani" model with an adjustable neck (by means of a key) and a floating fingerboard. The top is  made of spruce, the back and sides in one piece maple. The head is a 8-shaped with "Pegheds" tuners.

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