Gabriele Lodi

Gabriele Lodi- classical guitar
Country : Italy - Carpi
 Year : 2020
Scale length : 652 mm
Top : Spruce
Back & side : Maple
Neck : Cedro
Fingerboard : Madagascar rosewood - 52 mm
Tuners : Alessi
Body length : 490 mm
Body width : 285/245/370 mm
Body depth :

90/100 mm

Weight : 1 494 g
Action : 2,9/4,0 mm
Condition : Excellent
Price : On request


Gabriele Lodi grew up in the lutherie workshop founded in the early 70s by his father Maurizio and his uncle Leandro. From a very young age he began to assist his father. The activity was shared between the construction of new guitars and the restoration of instruments built by the greatest names in the history of lutherie. Gabriele Lodi has immersed himself in this history and the meaning that can be given to each of these epochs and their evolution, both culturally and musically. With this knowledge and experience of restoration at the highest level, including several Torres, his intention is to continue this Spanish tradition inherited from Torres and the important times represented by the first schools in Madrid and Barcelona, making modifications to keep the trace of this tradition in our modernity.
The instrument that we have the chance to present here was built especially for the Roma Expo Guitar of 2020. For Gabriele Lodi it represents "a meeting point between the construction of ancient instruments (the combination of spruce and maple has been the most common configuration for stringed instruments) and the innovations made from the first Torres". The luthiery, the aesthetics and the choice of woods are breathtaking in their beauty and perfection. In terms of sound, it is an instrument that combines the power and presence of modern instruments with the musicality and qualities of timbre and expressiveness inherited from the Spanish tradition. Great art....

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