Gabriele Lodi - Domingo Esteso copy

Gabriele Lodi - classical guitar


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Scale : 

Top : 

Back / Sides : 

Neck :

Fingerboard :


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String height :

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Italy - Carpi


650 mm


Indian Rosewood

Spanish cedar - width : 51 mm



Body length : 475 mm - Body width : 270/230/355 mm - Body depth : 93/98 mm

1 368 g

3/4 mm





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This is a fabulous guitar, amazingly similar to the 1930 original. Domingo Esteso's guitar must have been exactly like this one when it was built.  When it comes to tone, this guitar raises the same feeling of wonder : it has all the softness, the responsiveness, the musicality and the specific timbre that account for the charm of Esteso’s instruments.


The top is made with 50 years old spruce, selected because it's very similar to the original one. The back and sides is made with 40 years old indian rosewood.


Make no mistake : Gabriele Lodi’s guitar making doesn’t indulge in sheer nostalgia. His admirable craftsmanship testifies to the relevance and modernity of this landmark period in the history of lutherie and demonstrates that guitar making is an art :  as such, its value isn’t just temporary or entirely contingent upon « progress », but quite timeless. Gabriele Lodi’s guitar is indeed a guitar for today — it is a high performance and powerful instrument. What’s more, it’s also a guitar for the future, since it’s most likely to nurture the musical inspiration of both performers and music writers. 


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