Francisco Simplicio 1930

Francisco Simplicio  - classical guitar
Country : Spain - Barcelona
Year : 1930 - No 277
Scale length : 65 cm
Top : Spruce
Back & side Brazilian rosewood
Fingerboard : Ebony - 49,6 mm
Body length : 470 mm
Body width : 275/240/350 mm
Body depth 90/100 mm
Weight : 1 617 g
Action : 2,9/3,2 mm
Condition : Very good
Price : on request




Francisco Simplício is considered one of the greatest luthiers, and also the creator of the modern guitar. Simplicio was born in 1874 in Barcelona, his art is part of the culture of this city. Initially he was a cabinetmaker: he worked for the prestigious furniture maker Masriera Vidal, luxury furniture with sophisticated ornamentation that he will keep in his work as a luthier. In 1919, he left cabinetmaking to enter Enrique Garcia's workshop. This collaboration ( formation) will last three years until Garcia's death in 1922. Francisco Simplício considered himself the one and only disciple of Garcia, he continued to write it on his labels throughout his career. ; this shows his admiration, gratitude and affection for his master. Francisco Simplício built over 340 guitars in the 10 years (or around 34 a year!) he spent in the same workshop where he formed at 110 Pasaeo San Juan, between 1922 and his death in 1932.


This magnificent guitar was built in 1930 (n°277). Even if one expects it, the aesthetic beauty always surprises: rosette patterns, purfling, sculpture of the head... On the sound level, we also find all the qualities of this great luthier. The timbre is warm and woody, the basses round and deep, the trebles colorful, mellow, singing, a great dark and moving expressivity. The remarkable aspect is to see the charm of an old guitar associated with sound performances (power, presence and solidity) which also make it a modern and actual instrument.


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