F.J. Riquelme

FJ Riquelme - classical guitar


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Neck :

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France - Azur


65 cm


Madagacar rosewood

Spanish cedar - width : 52 mm



Body length : 485 mm - Body width : 280/235/365 mm - Body depth : 97/101 mm

1 803 g

3/4 mm





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Francisco Javier Riquelme Calatayud was born in Elche (Alicante, Spain) in 1982. His first contact with lutherie was in 2012 with the Argentine luthier Oscar Testa, who introduced him to lutherie. He is studying the construction of string instruments (violin, viola and cello) at the Escuela Vasca de Luthería Bele in Bilbao.

At the end of his fourth year in Bele, Dominique Delarue accepted to take him as an apprentice. This guitar was built following the advice and under the supervision of Dominique Delarue, following his construction methods and acoustic and aesthetic criteria (elaboration of templates and moulds up to the lacquered varnish and final adjustment). Riquelme says that Delarue helped and motivated him to find his personal style.

Francisco Riquelme has learned the lesson well, the lutherie work of this guitar is perfectly done. On the sound level it is a powerful and well balanced instrument, the notes are solid, dense and well timbred, here again we find the influence of Dominique Delarue. Today Riquelme has set up his workshop in Alicante, this apprenticeship with one of the greatest luthiers in the world today represents an opportunity and a decisive asset for the career of this young Spanish luthier.


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