Enrico Bottelli 2022 - "Hauser 1952"

Enrico Bottelli 2022 - classical guitar
Country : Italy - Voghera
 Year : 2022 n°298 (Hauser 52 replicate)
Scale length : 65 cm
Top : Spruce
Back & side : Indian rosewood
Fingerboard : Ebony - 51mm
Body length : 485 mm
Body width : 280/240/370 mm
Body depth :

85/95 mm

Weight : 1 403 g
Action : 2,6/3,4 mm
Condition : New
Price :



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Enrico Bottelli was born in Milan in 1961. He began learning lutherie in 1981 with the Milanese master luthier Carlo Raspagni (student of Pietro Gallinotti). Bottelli began building his own classical guitars in 1988. In 1994 and 1995, he studied the traditional Spanish approach to classical guitar making with the great master José Luis Romanillos. Through his contact with Romanillos, Bottelli discovered the fundamental work of the great Spanish masters of the late 1800s and early 1900s. Bottelli's concert guitars are very much inspired by the emblematic guitars of Antonio de Torres and H. Hauser I, whose instruments he has examined and studied extensively. The quality of his lutherie work and the aesthetic and acoustic beauty of his instruments have earned him an international reputation. Since 2000, he has been intensively teaching, keeping several apprentices in his workshop, many of whom have become recognized guitar makers. He has received the prize for luthiery 2020 from the "Convegno Internazionale di chitarra di Milano".


Presenting a guitar by Enrico Bottelli is always an event.... This guitar is the copy "Hauser 1952", it is the 6th one he built, the first one was in 2000... 23 years ago. With a resonance frequency around F, and using a dense and solid German spruce, he perfectly manages to reproduce the deep and woody old sound of the Hauser I and II. It is a superb instrument both aesthetically and sonically. The sound is powerful, well balanced and responsive, the notes are dense, clear and rich in harmonics, the timbre is deep and expressive, the sustain is long and uniform giving a precise polyphonic discourse with a magnificent musicality.

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