Ennio Giovanetti - Model "J. Gomez Ramirez"

Ennio Giovanetti- classical guitar


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Italy - Sariano di Gropparello (Piacenza)


65 cm



Cedro - Width : 51 mm

Body length : 480 mm - Body width : 275/235/360 mm - Body depth : 88/95 mm

1 306 g

2,5/3,5 mm





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Ennio Giovanetti has been building guitars since 1998 in his workshop in Sariano di Gropparello, near Piacenza (Italy). He is one of the talented young luthiers trained by Enrico Bottelli. During this apprenticeship he had the opportunity to study instruments made by historical luthiers such as Torres, Simplicio, Garcia and many others great luthiers. Nowadays he still restores period instruments such as the one by Julian Gomez Ramirez on which this guitar was modelled.


The craftsmanship and aesthetics are first rate and this guitar’s tone displays the same elegance. This is a powerful and balanced instrument, with clear and singing trebles supported by generous and well-defined basses, producing a rich, expressive and harmonious musicality.

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