Dominik Wurth

Dominik Wurth - classical guitar


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Germany - Ettenheim


65 cm


Indian rosewood

Spanish cedar

Ebony - 52 mm

Body length : 480 mm - Body width : 280/245/365 mm - Body depth : 94/99 mm

1 560 g

2,5/3,5 mm






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Born near Freiburg, Germany, Dominik Wurth first learned lutherie from books and then with Freiburg luthier Sascha Nowak. He further studied how to build stringed instruments at Zwickau University’s Faculty of Applied Arts Schneeberg. He spent his internship in Spain, in a village near Granada, apprenticed to Andrés Marvi, before moving back to Germany.


Dominik Wurth's work is influenced by the great names of the Spanish tradition: Torres, Santos Hernandez, Marin Montero… In recent years, his style has become more personal, although still based on his knowledge of the great historical luthiers’ instruments.

For this particular guitar, Dominik Wurth says the following : "The guitar is made with laminated ribs consisting of three layers of veneer. This can be compared to the double ribs Friederich is using but in a lighter way and with the same stiffness. This generates more power over all. Also, the bone is modified in a way to compensate the strings more effectively. In this way, the guitar is better tuned with a better intonation."

This guitar testifies to the perfect balance he has reached between modernity and the tradition of the great Spanish masters. It is a light, well-balanced and very responsive instrument. The notes are clear, dense and colourful. It is also easy to play — which, combined with its sound qualities, makes it a very attractive guitar indeed.


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