Dieter Müller

Dieter Müller- classical guitar
Country : Germany - Biedinkopf
 Year : 2020
Scale length : 650 mm
Top : Spruce (double-top)
Back & side : Madagascar rosewood
Fingerboard : Ebony from Macassar - 52 mm
Tuners : Perona
Body length : 470 mm
Body width : 275/230/355 mm
Body depth :

98/99 mm

Weight : 1 301 g
Action : 3/4 mm
Condition : Excellent
Price : Sold



Dieter Müller is a young German luthier who, taking advantage of his scientific training and his musical skills as a guitarist, invented a new way of building double top guitars. His creativity allowed him to acquire a great reputation very quickly. The first thing that surprises is the lightness of this guitar, while this type of "double top" construction usually is based on a solid back and sides structure in order to concentrate the power effect on the top, Müller has chosen another approach with a light structure which, as with traditional type constructions, distributes the vibrations over the whole instrument. The result is a combination of the power and responsiveness of the double top and the richness of the timbre with colorful and flexible notes. The woods are very light and are of the best choice, the craftsmanship is remarkable.



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