Dieter Hopf - Virtuoso

Dieter Hopf - classical guitar


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Germany - Taunusstein

1991 - n° 3095/45

66 cm

Canadian red cedar

Macassar ebony

Mahogany covered with Macassar rosewood

Ebony - width 53 mm

Body length : 489 mm - Body width : 375/240/290 mm - Body depth : 96/98 mm

1 980 g

3/4 mm

Used perfect condition





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A distinctive feature of this Dieter Hopf model Virtuoso guitar: it is the twin sister of Alexandre Lagoya’s instrument. Both guitars were built at the same time, with the same woods, the same (type 45) bracing, and all the same characteristics. (Later, the same guitar will be built for Baden Powell.)


Dieter Hopf began building this model in 1971.


The macassar ebony sides are tripled. The mahogany neck is covered with a thin layer of unvarnished Macassar ebony (to stiffen the neck and to absorb perspiration, according to the German luthier).


The exquisite marquetry rosette and the distinctive head design are signature features.


It is a very powerful instrument with a rich timbre. It is well-balanced and flexible. Its notes are colourful and expressive, with a wide sound range.
























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