Angelo del Vecchio

Manuel Dominguez - classical guitar
Country :

Brazil - Sao Paulo

Year : c. 1930
Scale lenght : 648 mm
Top : Spruce
Back & side Maple
Neck : Spanish cedar
Fingerboard : Ebony - width : 49 mm
Body length : 495 mm
Body width : 297/257/385 mm
Body depth : 92/100 mm
Weight : 1 535 g
Action : 2,8/3,2 mm
Condition : Good


A superb guitar built by Angelo del Vecchio around 1930. On the website of the del Vecchio guitars, in the section dedicated to the history of this guitar factory which continues until today, we can read that Angelo Del Vecchio was born in Riposto, in Sicily. In 1900 he received a wedding gift of a journey to Brazil. The couple was welcomed by the two brothers of his wife Carmela, enchanted by this country they decided to stay there. Angelo del Vecchio, who had been trained as a luthier, opened a workshop and a music store in 1902 on Largo Riachuelo in Sao Paulo. After 18 years at this address, they moved to Aurora Street where the workshop took on an important dimension, and this address is still the home of del Vecchio guitars today.


This guitar is surprising in its appearance: the rosette and headstock are sculpted. Soundwise this is an incredible instrument. The notes are round, supple, mellow, pulpy, reactive with a woody timbre and a beautiful expressiveness. A rare and atypical guitar to discover...


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