David Rubio

David Rubio - classical guitar


Country :

Year : 

Scale length: 

Top : 

Back / Sides : 

Neck :

Fingerboard : 

Dimensions : 


Weight : 

Action :

Condition :




England (Oxford)


65 cm


Brazilian rosewood (Cites Document)

Spanish cedar - width : 53 mm


Body length : 490 mm - Body width :

280/243/365 mm - Body depth : 90/96 mm

1 455 g

3,5/4 mm







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David Rubio was born in London in 1934. He is the founder of traditional Spanish guitar making in England. His is one of the great names in lutherie, linked to that of Julian Bream who played his guitars. They first met in 1963, in New York. Back in England in 1967, he set up his workshop in Julian Bream's house before moving to Oxford. Rubio is famous for his eclectic production: in addition to classical guitars, he built baroque instruments (including those played by J. Bream), as well as the Brahms model played and popularized by Paul Galbraith, but also viols, cellos and harpsichords. David Rubio is part of the history of lutherie. When he died in 2000, he had built a thousand instruments, and Julian Bream played on his guitars for about ten years.


This guitar’s elegance is particularly striking — it has to do both with its sheer aesthetic beauty and the woods used.Its sound is just as elegant. With its dense and rich notes, and its greatly lyrical timbre, this guitar has a particularly moving musicality.

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