Christian Aubin - Bouchet copy

Christian Aubin - classical guitar


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Year : 

Scale length : 

Top : 

Back / Sides : 

Neck :

Fingerboard :

Dimensions : 


Weight : 

Action :

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France - Paris


65 cm


Brazilian rosewood (with Cites document)

Width : 51 mm


Body length : 480 mm - Body width :

270 /230/360 mm - Body depth : 91/94 mm

1 462  g

2/2,5 mm

Old repairs on the top (pictures on demand), no intervention necessary, good playability and good sound performance.




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Christian Aubin occupies a decisive place in the history of French guitar making. Guitarist and guitar teacher in Paris, he owned a guitar by Antonio de Torres: the FE23. Following a problem with the top due to strings with too much tension Robert Bouchet to restore. At the same time, Christian Aubin has a pupil of about twenty years old, this pupil does not have a good guitar, as he made an apprenticeship in cabinet making he suggests him to build together a better guitar, this pupil is called Daniel Friederich, Christian Aubin will introduce him to Robert Bouchet. So we can say that Christian Aubin represents the link between Bouchet and Friederich, all three of them will study and work around his Torres FE23 which is said to be one of his most beautiful guitars, it too occupies a decisive place in this story as all three will try to understand the mystery of this beauty.


This guitar dates back to 1959 (the year Friederich opened his first workshop in rue Ramponeau), it was built while Christian Aubin was still in Paris, before moving to Cahors. A "Robert Bouchet copy", probably built as a tribute to his master and friend. It is an exceptional instrument for what it symbolizes historically and also for its intrinsic qualities: remarkable lutherie work and a pure and deep timbre.


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