Vicente Carrillo "Herencia Madagascar"

Vicente Carrillo - classical guitar
Country : Spain - Casasimarro
Year : 2023
Scale length : 65 cm
Top : Cedar
Back & side Madagascar rosewood
Fingerboard : Ebony - 52mm
Body length : 485 mm
Body width : 280/237/368 mm
Body depth 95 / 100 mm
Weight : 1 764 g
Action : 2,8/3,4 mm
Condition : New
Price : Sold


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Vicente Carrillo belongs to a famous family of guitar makers (seventh generation) and is based in Casasimarro (between Madrid and Valencia).


This "Herencia" model (which means "heritage"), based on a "lattice wood" construction, is a successful compromise between the heritage of this family of luthiers and modernity. Soundwise it is a very powerful and homogeneous instrument on the different registers, the notes are clear, dense and flexible allowing the guitarist to build his musical discourse. The reactivity and the projection make it a solid and easy to play instrument.


This model is available with the back and sides in Indian rosewood : Vicente Carrillo 2022 "Herencia India"


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