Arcángel Fernández

Arcangel Fernandez -  classical guitar


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Spain - Madrid

1961 (158)

65 cm



Spanish cedar - 51 mm


Body length : 480 mm - Body width : 275/240/365 mm - Body depth : 87/92 mm

1 245 g

2/2,5 mm



on request


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Arcángel Fernández was born in 1931 in Madrid. After training as a cabinetmaker, he worked in this profession for a few years. In the early 1950s, for a short period of time, he earned his living as a flamenco guitarist. He meets Marcelo Barbero, the latter takes him in sympathy and offers him to work for him. For two years, until Barbero's death in 1956, Arcángel Fernández took care of the finishing touches and carried out repairs. At Barbero's death he began to build the guitars commissioned from Barbero for his widow, Arcángel Fernández, then is 25 years old. He opened his own workshop in 1957. Very quickly, he gained notoriety both in Spain and abroad, his guitars were played by the greatest flamenco players of the time. He retires in 2011 after building about 800 guitars, remaining faithful to Barbero's teachings.


This guitar that we present here is remarkable for its aesthetic and sonorous beauty, the timbre is deep and expressive, these elements make it possible to understand why some consider Arcángel Fernández as one of the greatest luthiers of the late 20th century.



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