Antonio de Lorca

Antonio de Lorca - classical guitar


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Spain - Malaga


65 cm


Indian rosewood

Spanish cedar

Ebony - width : 50 mm

Body length : 480 mm - Body width : 275/240/350 mm - Body depth : 88/90 mm

1 248 g


Restoration made by M. López Nieto (photos on request) - No intervention necessary: good sound performance and good playability. 





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Three generations of luthiers in the Antonio de Lorca dynasty in Malaga played a decisive role in the history of the guitar: Antonio de Lorca Garcia (who was born in 1798 in Cartagena and died in 1870 in Malaga), Antonio de Lorca Piño who took over from his father in the workshop and died in Malaga in 1909, and Antonio de Lorca Ramirez (active 1909 - 1929). Their workshop became a kind of musical hub, quite influential as a meeting place for luthiers and guitarists (Antonio de Torres and Julian Arcas met there). Antonio de Lorca trained the brothers Juan and Rafael Galan, who later reproduced some of the aesthetic elements found on this instrument, such as the purfling motifs and the mother-of-pearl rosette.


This wonderful 1904 guitar, with a tornavoz mounted, has been restored by Marcellino Lopez Nieto and what a great job he’s done! It has a gorgeous tone, and a rich and expressive timbre. The basses are round, the trebles tonic and colourful, with all the charm and the soul-stirring qualities of the best instruments of that time.


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