Renaud Galabert - Prélude

Renaud Galabert - classical guitar


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France - Entraigues sur la Sorgue


650 mm


Indian rosewood

Spanish cedar - width : 50 mm



Satin shellac

Body length : 480 mm - Body width : 285/240/372 mm - Body depth : 95 mm

1 550 g

3/4 mm




Conditions of sale and shipping...

Renaud Galabert is based in the south of France, at Entraigues-sur-la-Sorgue, close to Avignon.


As its name suggests, "Prelude" is the lowest-priced model offered by Renaud Gilbert.


The design elements have been streamlined to reduce building time and make this model affordable to more people. However Renaud Galabert didn’t in the least compromise on quality with regard to either tone woods and construction or sound and musicality.


It is a a pleasant instrument to play, and it offers excellent playing comfort both on the fingerboard and for the right hand.


The sound is powerful, well-balanced, with deep basses; the notes are well defined, without any weakness on the whole fingerboard, and with good sustain.


A very good quality guitar at a sensible price.



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