Pablo Rodriguez - Simplicio

Pablo Rodriguez- classical guitar


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Argentina - San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca


650 mm



Spanish cedar - width : 50 mm


Body length : 476 mm - Body width : 278/240/358 mm - Body depth : 86/94 mm

1 494 g

3/4 mm



3 200 euros including hard case


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Pablo Rodriguez started violin making in 2000 as an apprentice with an experienced violin maker: Felix Moyano (Rio Cuarto). In 2004 he studied guitar making in Tucumàn where he specialized in guitar construction. In parallel of his courses he is apprentice to José Maria Meone (luthier guitar in Tucumàn). In 2010, he set up his workshop in San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca. Since 2015 he studies the guitars of Francisco Simplicio.


This instrument is the copy of a Simplicio of 1923. The head representing Orpheus is not from this model (Acantha leaves) but from another Simplicio of 1929 (one of the few to have this motif). Having had the opportunity to see and hear the original of 1923, it is clear that Pablo Rodriguez not only reproduced the aesthetics and decorations, but also managed to capture the sound spirit.


Francisco Simplicio will have had a great number of disciples during his lifetime, and luthiers who later acquired a reputation, such as the brothers Gàlan, Emilio Pascual, Lago Nuñez and many others ... all inspired by the Barcelona luthier. Simplicio has traced a path where these luthiers have been able to express all their talent.


Almost a century later, it was a fine thing to see a young Argentine luthier like Pablo Rodriguez, at the beginning of his career, follow this path and perpetuate this tradition and heritage in such a beautiful way.


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