Manuel Dominguez

Manuel Dominguez - classical guitar
Country :

Argentina - Buenos-Aires

Year : 1923
Scale lenght : 65 cm
Top : Spruce
Back & side Algarrobo
Neck : Spanish cedar
Fingerboard : Ebony - width : 50 mm
Body length : 470 mm
Body width : 270/235/355 mm
Body depth : 93/95 mm
Weight : 1 214 g
Action : 2,5/3,5 mm
Condition : Good : old repairs stabilized (pictures on demand) good playability and sound quality.
Price : Sold


This beautiful guitar signed Manuel Dominguez Cambra was built in 1923. The aesthetics is sober with a head characteristic of his guitars. The sound qualities are admirable, the timbre is silky and woody, the notes are clear and vibrant, with a moving expressivity. Good opportunity to play a guitar with the charm of the instruments of this epoch.


Here is what we can read in the article dedicated to this luthier in Domingo Prat's dictionary: "Remarkable guitar builder, Spanish. He was born in 1873 in the Parish of San Martín de Moreira, municipality of Puenteáreas, province of Pontevedra. Son of a family of notables, from his childhood he was inclined to the Catholic cult, so that he could follow the ecclesiastical career, which already had brother and parents with the highest functions. Unforeseen circumstances caused Manuel to move to Argentina with his elders in 1887. He entered the wood industry, distinguished himself in cabinet making and later in guitar making, one of his masters being the former guitar maker López and the famous Nuñez; all from the enchanting region of Galicia. He reads and learns, with an ability that allows him to acquire a vast culture. Dominguez's presentations were pleasant, profound and instructive. As a guitarist, he has made a good name for himself ; he never "decorated" his guitars: he always gave them the humility of tradition and the simplicity of the pilgrim. The guitarist Giménez Manjón was a fervent admirer of this Bohemian guitar maker, here is one who writes: "A life of imbalance constantly avoided! The guitar maker Manuel Domínguez Cambra will prove to be a pride among the best luthiers". He died in Buenos Aires on December 23, 1929. »


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