Jeremie Geffroy - Double top

Jeremie Geffroy - classical guitar


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France - Saint Gildas de Rhuys (Brittany)


650 mm

Cedar - double top


Honduras cedar - width : 52 mm

Ebony elevated with a radius of 20°

Schaller GrandTune - ratio 1/18è - snakewood button 

French-polished on the top 

Body length : 487 mm - Body width : 280/240/368 mm - Body depth : 100/105 mm

1 940 g

3/3,8 mm





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Jérémie Geffroy’s workshop is in Saint-Gildas-de-Rhuys in the Morbihan region (Brittany)


After his training in Guitar Lutherie at the ITEMM (European Technological Institute for Musical Professions) he worked with experienced luthiers such as as Francois Vendramini, Benoit de Bretagne, Fred Pons (Kopo Lutherie) and Serge Michel (Tao Guitar).


The craftsmanship is excellent, and its refined aesthetics shows as much in the details (purflings, headstock veneers, Breton-inspired rosette, etc.) as in the whole. The tonewoods (at least 8-year seasoning time) are top quality like the magnificent ziricote for the back and the sides.


Soundwise, this instrument manages to combine modern features such as a double top with all the qualities of a more traditional construction.


This model was tested in the issue n°76 (March 2017) of Guitare Magazine and the last words in their article offer an apt summary of this guitar’s characteristics: “we fell in love with this guitar’s craftsmanship, its stunning look, its easy playability, its expressive possibilities (timbre as well as dynamic range) and the delight it brings to the player.”


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