Gabriele Lodi

Gabriele Lodi- classical guitar
Country : Italy - Carpi
 Year : 2018
Scale length : 65 cm
Top : Spruce
Back & side : Brazilean rosewood (with CITES)
Neck : Cedro
Fingerboard : Ebony - 51 mm
Tuners : Alessi
Body length : 480 mm
Body width : 275/235/350 mm
Body depth :

85/92 mm

Weight : 1 405 g
Action : 2,8/3,8 mm
Condition : Excellent
Price : Sold




This guitar is a tribute by Gabriele Lodi to Antonio de Torres through the copy of the SE113 built in 1888. It is not just a replica, but also a synthesis of elements observed on several guitars by Torres. Gabriele Lodi has restored many Torres guitars, some of which required extensive work. This work has led him to examine, learn and understand the spirit in which these instruments were built, which marked this crucial original moment. Gabriele Lodi has played on these elements and reflections in order to adapt the instrument to the needs of today's guitarists.


The aesthetics and finishes are remarkable for their beauty and precision. The tone is full of charm and lyricism. It is an instrument with an excellent balance, the wide spectrum between deep and round bass and clear and vibrant treble. Comfortable playability crowns this endearing and exceptional guitar.


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